Super Turbo 800watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter

Super Turbo 800watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter

If you are looking for bigger, more powerful electric scooters for kids then the Super Turbo 800 watt Elite Electric Scooter is the quite possibly one of the best available anywhere in the marketplace. The  Super Turbo 800 watt Elite Electric Scooter does not resemble your typical Electric Scooter. It has a presence about it that screams quality, durability, speed and dominance.

Super Cycles and Scooters LLC are the factory importers of this Electric Scooter and they take quality control very seriously, ensuring only the best is made available to the public. The Super Turbo 800 watt Elite Electric Scooter has a number of cool features included as standard that you will be hard pressed to find on similar models. On the front is LED head light that provides excellent illumination in low light and led lights have a far superior life as compared to the traditional types. It is also unique in the fact that it’s the only Electric Scooter to utilize an innovative swinger style mono shock.

Equipped with a 36v 12ah lead acid battery (three 12v 12ah batteries in series = one 36v 12ah battery pack) to provide the power and drive, it weighs in a little bit more than other batteries but this is compensated by the extended battery life and run time whilst riding. The company are so sure that they even guarantee this battery to be the best lead acid type in any Electric Scooter.

With all this power you would expect the Super Turbo 800 watt Elite Electric Scooter to be quick and you will not be disappointed. The 800watt 36v motor turns at 2750rpm propelling it to speeds of up to 25mph (maybe faster depending on the weight of the rider). Fitted as standard are disc brakes on both the front and back wheels, shocks on the rear, a strong solidly built steel frame and have the ability to fold down in no time at all for easy storage and transportation. You have the option of removing the seat if you wish and for stability the wheels are fitted with fat 10.5 inch all terrain tyres. A tool kit and charger are also included.

Super Turbo 800 watt Elite Electric Scooter Product Features

  • One of the most powerful electric scooters you can purchase
  • Can take a rider weighing up to 300lbs
  • True 800watt 36v motor producing 2750rpm
  • Capable of speeds reaching to 25mph.
  • Features an Turbo mode for speed and a Economy mode for distance
  • Has a 36v battery giving the rider around 21 miles per charge…
  • Fitted LED headlight
  • Easy to remove seat
  • Fold down super quick
  • Tool kit included
  • Chain driven
  • Front and rear disc brakes and rear shocks
  • 10.5 inch tyres suitable to tackle any terrain
  • Weight is 85 lbs
  • Available in Black, Red and Neon Green

Super Turbo 800 watt Elite Electric Scooter Reviews

Before purchasing any Electric Scooter it is always a good idea to hear some of the comments that have been made from real customers that already own and use one.  So with that in mind our research in to the Super Turbo 800 watt Elite Electric Scooter was rather surprising. We found 56 customer reviews and each person scored their opinion out of 5 stars. We were quite amazed to find that the Super Turbo 800 watt Elite Electric Scooter scored a perfect 5 stars out of 5. All 56 reviewers gave this score.

The most common things that everyone agrees on are: it’s very quiet, built very well and to last. Very easy to handle thanks to the extra wide wheels which provide good balance. The economy mode is popular for those that wish to ride some distance but not as popular as the turbo mode. The turbo mode gives plenty of power and torque and surprises bystanders at its bursts of acceleration.

Every one of the reviewers we found recommended the Super Turbo 800 watt Elite Electric Scooter as the one to buy (this is one of the best thing for electric scooter with seat), and with such glowing comments and feedback we also give our recommendation as well. The Super Turbo 800 watt Elite Electric Scooter is one of the best you will find anywhere.