GoPed ESR750EX Electric Powered City Scooter

GoPed ESR750EX Electric Powered City Scooter

With everyone harping on about how we should all try and be more environmentally friendly, the GoPed ESR750EX electric scooter could just the answer for you to make your contribution. The latest version of this electric scooter incorporates a range of improvements to that of the previous versions. There is now chain a tensioner that can adjust by itself and within the motor to help improve the RPM and motor running capabilities are the renowned earth magnets which are far superior than normal ones. Thanks to these additional enhancements the look and feel of the GoPed ESR750EX electric scooter is better than ever.

The GoPed ESR750EX electric scooter has lots of power available due to its ESR engine which is installed with a solid and proven DC brush type of motor and is finished with a finned heat sink. All of this technology allows the electric motor to produce an impressive 1HP that will accelerate the rider to 20 MPH and beyond in no time at all, giving a exhilarating ride. Most electric scooters on the market struggle to handle any terrain other than smooth flat surfaces, but with the GoPed you will encounter no such problems thanks to the high output that it produces-uneven ground and steep hills are all taken within its stride.

The GoPed ESR750EX electric scooter give the rider choices, 2 in fact, and this is the ability of the user to set either one of two modes (using the electric controller available) depending on their requirements for that particular day. The first choice is the Economy mode. This mode will allow the rider to twice the distance but at half the speed (12 mph). The second choice is the turbo mode, and yes this will let you travel less distance but a much higher speed (20+ mph). The range of travel when using this mode is approximately 8 miles. When you have depleted the battery you simply need to locate 110v/220v outlet and the GoPed ESR750EX electric scooters built in smart charger will do the rest.

The GoPed ESR750EX electric scooter also has a handy variable speed control that can be programmed specifically to your preferences, in turn giving you control over the performance. There is also a function for you to be able to analyze on board diagnostics of your scooter.

Additional features included as standard are : high quality chromyl frame that’s built to last and take all you can throw at it. Front and back pneumatic tires, 10 inches. Magnesium rims and a very good performing disc braking system. To top it all off the GoPed ESR750EX electric scooter is incredibly light considering the power and performance that it produces. It weighs in a modest 59 lbs which is one of the better weight to range ratios you will find anywhere. The frame can be folded for easy storage when not in use or is handy when you want to transport it. Lastly this scooter can support a rider’s weight of 400 lbs, which is unheard of.

GoPed ESR750EX Electric Scooter Details At A Glance

  • Very powerful Rare Earth magnets.
  • The new aluminum E Head allows for much better cooling and heat transfer
  • · Brass bushings at the end of the motor shaft have been replaced with ball bearings.
  • Better efficiency thanks to the improved motor rpm speed
  • 24 Volt electric motor (D/C) and aluminum heat sink
  • Max speed 20+ mph – depends on terrain and riders weight (turbo mode)
  • 2 choices of performance, either economy or turbo
  • 4 sealed 12 volt batteries
  • Measurements: L-48″ W-18″ H-17 when folded and  L-48″ W-18″ H-41 unfolded
  • The transmission has a variable speed control which is computerized and programmable
  • Chain Driven
  • Range when in economy mode is 12+ miles and 8 miles with turbo selected
  • Only weighs 59 lbs
  • Can carry a rider that weighs 400 pounds or more
  • Aircraft quality frame, forks and handlebars
  • 10 inch tyres with polished magnesium rims
  • Made in the USA
  • Mad Dog high performance front disc brakes
  • · Friendly to the environment
  • Folds quickly for easy storage and transportation

GoPed ESR750EX Electric Scooter Reviews

A review would not be complete without hearing from some of the customers that have already purchased the GoPed ESR750EX Electric Scooter and below are a few of the comments we found.

“It has one of the best rides you will experience of many of the electric scooters you can buy. A robust, well built frame and a charge that gives good range. 5 stars from me”

“ The GoPed 750EX is fast and lots of fun. It is has the construction you would expect to find on a military base”

Some of the reviews noted that suspension would have been an added bonus and that this is not suited to very young children due to the weight and speed it goes.  Other people also mentioned the weight could be a problem if you are planning to use it for commuting and at the other end you need to climb several flights of stairs.

GoPed are not your average children’s electric scooters and priced higher than many of its competitors but all in all you get what you pay for and with the GoPed ESR750EX Electric Scooter you will not be disappointed. Check out more about electric scooter for kids if you want to buy one as gift for your children.