Currie Technologies EZip E750 Electric Scooter

Currie Technologies EZip E750 Electric Scooter

The Currie Technologies EZip E750 electric scooter is not your typical sort of ride on scooter, why?, because in almost every department other electric scooters specifications pale in comparison. It is bigger, heavier and faster and for this reason is predominately aimed at teenagers aged 13+ and is equally capable of transporting adults up to a weight of 260 pounds. The younger children will probably struggle to handle it safely and for this reason will be more suited to Currie Technologies smaller range of electric scooters.

The Currie Technologies EZip E750 has a non slip resin seat fitted for those that like to cruise around in comfort, and yet can be easily removed if you prefer to ride your scooter standing up. Fitted with a 12 amp 24 volt rechargeable battery pack that supplies the power to a large 750 watt alloy DC earth magnet motor, which in turn enables the ezip e750 to achieve speeds of up to 15 mph. The top speed depends on the riders weight and also the terrain the scooter is ridden over. The battery has enough juice when fully charged to give a range of about 12 miles/ 19 kilometers, which is plenty for those that would perhaps use to travel to and from school, college or even work.

The wheels on the Currie Technologies EZip E750 electric scooter are wide mag alloys with a polished finish. Fitted around the wheels are Currie Technologies own 12.5 inch street slick low profile tires which also feature tuff tire elastomer subtread technology that help prevent punctures. The front wheel has a very efficient linear braking system so stopping is a breeze and in order to provide a smooth ride the front forks have suspension installed. As well as the seat being removable the handlebars can be folded for convenient storage when not in use or for transportation.

Currie Technologies EZip E750 Electric Scooter Specifications

  • Powerful 750 Watt electric motor
  • Reach speeds of 24 km/h  or 15 mph with a riding range of around 19 km or 12 miles
  • 24 volt 12 amp rechargeable batteries
  • Smart charger is included
  • Very efficient  linear braking system installed on the front wheel
  • Seat can be easily removed and handlebars can be folded down
  • On/Off power switch
  • Easy to access port for charging within the scooter frame.
  • Constructed from hi- ten heavy duty steel.
  • Weight in at 27 kg/60 lbs
  • Max rider weight limit is a good 260 lbs/118 kgs

Currie Technologies EZip E750 Electric Scooter Reviews

Before you purchase an electric scooter it’s always a good idea to hear from people that actually own the product you are considering. So we had a good look around and manage to find quite a lot of reviews on the Currie Technologies EZip E750 Electric Scooter. Out of the more than 60 customer reviews the average score was a very solid 4.5 stars out or 5, with 42 giving the full 5.

The general consensus was the ezip e750 was a very good all round electric scooter, solidly built with easy to assemble instructions and good battery life and speed. Many on the comments came not from children but from adults ranging from the ages of 20 right upto one in his 70’s. One of the best aspects of this scooter is the fact it can carry a heavier rider than alot of other models.

Some of the comments we found are:

“This is a great scooter. Simple to assemble. I kike that the handlebars can be folded so it fits in the trunk easily. Basically if you can ride a bicycle this electric scooter will pose no problems. I use it daily to travel to work and back which is about a 4 mile round trip and it copes great. It will slow down a bit if you attempt a steep hill but as long as the battery is charged enough it will cope ok.”

“The Currie Technologies EZip E750 Electric Scooter delivers just what it says it will. Good performance and speed (if you weight under 140 pounds you can easily go faster than the advertised 15 mph. Love it”

A few people did mention it would be great if it had a rear brake as well but the front one is sufficient . The other comment was about the weight of the scooter which at 60 lbs is fairly heavy, so bear in mind if you are going to be carrying on to public transport of lifting in and out of a vehicle.

Overall this is a solid, well made electric scooter from a company that many of you will not be as familiar with as say the Razor brand but don’t let that deter you as this is one scooter we can happily recommend.